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Big and successful brands are always engaged in a constant battle against counterfeiters who want to make money of them by creating lower quality products and selling them as original products. In the alcohol market, the popular brands like Rémy Martin are the biggest victims of counterfeiters.

Counterfeiters sell replicas of products to unsuspecting consumers and since people are on the lookout for fake bottles and labels, they take it further by taking used brand bottles and filling them up with cheap liquor to sell as the original alcohol product.

Filling brand name bottles with lower quality alcohol is bad for the reputation of the brand and dangerous for the health of the consumer ; counterfeit alcohol cannot have quality of the original product and this might ruin sales for the company and also the low quality alcohol might contain toxic chemicals and substances that affect consumers health.

Big alcohol brands like Rémy Martin are making efforts to fight counterfeits by educating consumers on how to recognize an original bottle of their products and recently in China they have developed high solutions to fight fake products.

Rémy Martin collaborated with Selinko, an anti counterfeiting service to create a smart bottle that works with smart phones application via a near field communication (NFC) tags to check the bottles authenticity and also if it opened or not. There is a anti refill protection capseal in the neck and a label seal behind the label, the capseal deactivates after the bottle is opened. The app is downloaded from Rémy Martin’s website, when the bottle is tapped with the phone it gives a signal to indicate if it is has been opened or not and it also shows the distribution process.

This is an effective way to combat counterfeit products but it is only available in China for now; so how do you spot a fake Rémy Martin product in Nigeria?

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Rémy Martin cognac is one of the the biggest selling cognac brands in Nigeria, all their products : Rémy Martin XO, Rémy Martin V.S.O.P, Rémy 1738, Rémy Martin vs are popular among Nigerian drinker so naturally it is a target for counterfeiters and there are a lot fake Rémy Martin products in circulation. Here are some tips on how to avoid fake  Rémy Martin, fake Rémy Martin XO, fake Rémy Martin VSOP, fake Rémy Martin 1738.

Counterfeits can be found anywhere, from the smallest beer parlors to the biggest hotel, always be wary of fakes anywhere you are. Don’t assume a bottle of Rémy Martin is original because you are in a big night club or in a 6 star hotel, anyone can be fooled.

Recognizing a fake Rémy Martin gets harder because counterfeiters have developed better methods of replicating the original product that even experienced Rémy Martin drinkers won’t identify it at a glance . They use professional methods to mimic the original product down to the taste that only an experienced drinker would recognise it, they also copy the label and seal almost accurately.

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  • Only use reputable suppliers

It is impossible to get rid of fake products totally but one can reduce the risk of buying them by only sourcing from reputable suppliers like At we are very careful and we take measures to ensure that that we do not sell fake products to our customers by following recommended distribution networks. The authenticity of all the Rémy Martin products we sell have been confirmed before we sell to customers.

  • Be wary of cheap products, if the price of a Rémy Martin bottle is suspiciously low, it is not a good deal but most probably a fake bottle of Rémy Martin. When the price of a Rémy Martin bottle is too good to be true, it is probably “too good to be true “ so avoid such suppliers.
  • Be careful of parallel importers

Parallel imports are grey market product that has not been brought into the country via its official importer or distributor. These products are usually cheaper than the ones from the official importer or distributor, it might seem like a great deal but you are putting the reputation of your business on the line. The problem with parallel imports is that the source is uncertain, and that is not a good risk to take.

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  • Check every bottle

When it comes to avoiding fake products never let your guard down, make sure every bottle is checked to confirm its authenticity, compare them to an original, do the labels look the same? Is the bottle sealed properly? How does it taste? How does it smell. It is important to take these precautions because the reputation of your business is on the line and your health is at risk.

  • Pay attention to big brands like Rémy Martin

Although almost every brand is counterfeited, big brands like Rémy Martin have more counterfeit products than other brands because they sell more. So check the label, the seal, the year, the taste, smell etc

  • Embrace the use of their anti counterfeit tech

Rémy Martin makes use of anti counterfeit tech like QR codes and smart bottles, labels and capseals can be copied but bottles are very hard to replicate. Rémy Martin products have pimple like dot codes under the bottle for IS0900 traceability.

You can also check the authenticity of a Rémy Martin bottle by scanning the Qr code and in China they have introduced smart bottles that provides the same level of security found in electric passports and bank cards. Despite all these precautions, counterfeiters still find a way to outsmart the system, so we advise that you only buy your Rémy Martin from trusted and reputable suppliers like us, you can buy Rémy Martin products from and be rest assured that you are not buying a fake product and we sell at the best prices in Nigeria. Also report fake products to the right authorities to protect other people from danger.

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