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Have you noticed how some drinks: wine, cocktails, champagne seem to improve your appetite or reduce that uncomfortable feeling of fullness after eating? Drinks that have these effects are called aperitifs and Digestifs.


Aperitifs are drinks or cocktails taken before a meal. Aperitifs stimulate your appetite; it awakens your taste buds and prepares your stomach for the meal. Aperitif cocktails are typically made with gin, dry wines and spirits. They are alcoholic beverages and are usually dry rather than sweat.

Aperitifs makes you feel relaxed and excited in anticipation of the meal and also hungry. Aperitifs are light, non filling and easy to drink, they usually have a lower alcohol percentage than Digestifs.

What is a digestif liqueur?

Digestifs are alcoholic beverages taken after a meal. Digestifs help you relax and digest the food you have just eaten. Digestifs are typically sweet so a lot of them are liqueurs but sometimes they could have a bitter or herbal taste, it all depends on preference. Digestifs usually have more alcohol and sugar in them than Aperitifs.

What are some examples of aperitif?

There are many types Aperitifs:




 light white wine

Cocktails: Negroni, Aperol spritz, Fabiola, Gimlet, autumn spiced tonic, Campari cocktail.

What is the difference between aperitif and liqueur?

Aperitifs are alcoholic beverages taken to stimulate appetite while liqueurs are heavily sweetened alcoholic beverages composed of distilled spirits and additional flavourings like sugar, fruits, herbs and spices.

Aperitifs are not necessarily a distinct type of alcohol, they come in different forms; they could be champagne, Gin, Tonic wine or liqueurs. A liqueur can be an Aperitif but not all liqueurs are Aperitifs and liqueurs are not the only type of aperitifs.

Is gin and tonic an aperitif?

Yes, Gin and Tonic drinks make very good aperitifs and are ingredients for many aperitif cocktails , examples of gin and tonic aperitifs are autumn spiced tonic, Negroni, Martini, gimlet, Tanqueray gin and tonic.

What is aperitif made of?

Aperitif recipes are usually made from vermouth, gin, or dry styles of wine, but there are some distilled spirits like Aperol and Campari that are used as aperitifs on their own.

What an aperitif is made from depends on the ingredients of that type of alcohol, some like the limoncello are made from liquors while others like Campari are made from fruit liqueurs, some are also made from gin, champagne, white wine etc.

Is limoncello an aperitif?

Yes, the limoncello is an aperitif, it is usually taken before meals to stimulate appetite but it can also be taken as a digestif or just seved chilled to enjoy its sweet flavors. It has a high alcohol percentage so it is usually served in shot glasses or small ceramic cups

The limoncello is a liquor originating from Italy, made from a combination of the zest of lemons, sugar, water and alcohol (the most frequently used alcohol is vodka or grappa). The lemons used in production are harvested by hand to prevent them from touching the floor at any time and harvesting is only done from February to October.

Aperitifs are readily taken in Nigeria even though most people don’t know it, these are some of the top aperitif drinks in Nigeria. You can order them on and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Kuemmerling Bitters

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Kuemmerling Bitters is made from a secret recipe of created and perfected by Hugo Kuemmerling in 1938, he wanted to create a bitter that wouldn’t be too sweet or too bitter.

Kuemmerling Bitters is a German herb liqueur belonging to the semi bitters group, the Kuemmerling Bitters is distilled from natural ingredients including liquorice, cinnamon, cloves and angelica root which makes the Kuemmerling Bitters burst with flavors.

The Kuemmerling Bitters is a great aperitif and can also be taken as a digestif as it aids digestion


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The Jagermeister was originally created as a celebratory drink for hunters, the recipe has remained the same since 1878, a dark coloured liquor made from 56 different herbs and spices and steeped in water and alcohol then aged in oak barrels.

The Jagermeister is smooth packed with a rich and intense flavor and a distinct bittersweet taste. It can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks and in cocktails.

Fernet Branca

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Made from a 175 year old family recipe, a complex mix of 27 herbs and spices including mint, ginger, rhubarb, saffron and chamomile.

Fernet Branca is the world’s leading Amaro brand and one of the few Amari to be aged in a barrel for a full year. Fernet Branca has a higher ABV 39% and a lower sugar content than other Amari.

Fernet is usually served neat as an aperitif or difestif, it is also popular among professional mixologists and nicknamed the “bartender’s handshake”.

Cointreau Liquer

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Distilled from a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels, it is a very popular cocktail mixer and consumed as an aperitif and digestif.  The unique distillation process keeps the quality of the orange peels and essential oils giving it high aromatic qualities.

originally called Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec, the Cointreau is a crystal clear liqueur with a a perfectly balanced flavor loved by mixologists and bartenders around the world. When mixed the transparent liqueur becomes opalescent due to the high concentration of orange essence which gives it its aromatic properties. Cointreau liqueur is a very good aperitif.

Campari  Bitters

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Made from a 150 year old secret recipe of fruits, water, alcohol and herbs; Campari is a favorite for a lot of drinkers worldwide. It has a sweet flavor followed by an herbal spicy taste and aromas of pomegranate, strawberry, bitter orange and cherry.

Campari Bitters is the perfect aperitif with a distinctive red color and the base for popular cocktails like the Negroni and Americano. Enjoy this charismatic drink mixed with orange juice, grapefruit juice, soda over ice and in cocktails.

Branca Menta Bitters

The recipe of the is a secret but the makers say that it contains 27 different herbs and spices from four continents, they include aloe, gentian root, rhubarb, gum myrrh, galanga and saffron.

Branca Menta is a digestif Amaro with peppermint and menthol, it has a deep sienna brown colour and a thick appearance, an intense aroma of fresh peppermint. It has a minty flavor and also the cooling effect of menthol as well. The Branca Menta is a great aperitif to open the stomach for a delicious meal and it can also be served just to enjoy the sweet flavor.

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