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Arguably the most popular energy drink, Monster energy drink is the perfect drink to help you get the work done.

Packing the ideal combo of ingredients in the right proportion, Monster delivers a big buzz of energy and a powerful punch but it has a smooth easy drinking flavour.

Athletes, performers, students, late night workers trust Monster for that burst of energy when they need it.


Monster Energy Drink Flavors

Monster energy drink has over 60 different flavors distributed around 68 countries in different sizes. These are some of them:

Monster Classic Original

Monster energy Lo-carb

Monster energy Absolutely Zero

Monster energy Assault

Monster energy Import

Monster energy Mule

Monster Sport Flavor

Monster Punch Mixxd

Monster Ballers Blend

Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade

Monster Peach

Monster Raspberry

Monster Ultra

Monster Zero

 Monster Juice Pacific Punch

Monster Khaos

Monster Pipeline Punch

Monster Java Mean Bean

Monster Loca Moca

Monster kona blend

Monster Espresso salted caramel

Monster Dragon Green Tea

Monster Muscle protein Chocolate

Monster MAXX Super Dry

Monster Hydro Tropical

 Purple Passion

Blue ice

Monster Hydro Super Sport Striker

Hang Time


Buy Monster Energy Drink Online Lagos Nigeria


Monster energy logo

The design for the Monster energy brand has attracted controversy with conspiracy theorists connecting the logo to satanic symbols and rituals. The logo is simply an “M” designed in a way that it looks like it was formed by the claws of a monster.

Created by California strategic branding firm McLean Design, the logo is composed of a vibrant green ″M″, composed of three lines on a field of black.

How much is monster energy drink in Nigeria?

Monster energy drink costs around 8000-9000 naira for a pack of 24, around 2000-2500 for a pack of 6 which translates to between 400-500 naira per can, obviously this depends on the vendor. Get on and check out our great prices.

Does monster energy drink contain alcohol?

No Monster energy drink is a non-alcoholic energy drink and there are no alcoholic variants.

 Does Monster Energy Drink Work?

Yes, just like any other well made energy drink, monster energy drink has ingredients like caffeine and sugar that stimulate the body and brain into producing energy. It increases stamina and boosts athletic performance.

What does Monster Energy Drinks Do To Your Body?

The energy given to the body by Monster Energy drinks come mainly from two active ingredients: sugar and caffeine.

Caffeine can increase stamina and boost athletic performance, sugar is broken down by the body into simple sugars and travel to the blood cells to give energy.

The caffeine works by preventing the effects of adenosine, the chemical in our brain that is responsible for sleep. Consumption of high quantities of caffeine blocks adenosine, causing the brain to release neurons. This makes the body think it’s in an emergency situation, the pituitary gland responds by releasing adrenaline which makes the heart to beat faster and the eyes to dilate also the liver releases more sugar into the blood stream for energy. These responses make you feel like you have gained more energy.

Is Monster Energy Drinks Safe?

Generally energy drinks are safe when taken responsibly. Monster Energy Drinks contain caffeine and caffeine has a powerful effect on the body system so you need to know how much caffeine your body can handle.

Health problems arising from the intake of Monster Energy Drinks are usually results of excess consumption. Heavy consumption of energy drinks can lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate, kidney issues and reduced blood supply to the brain.

  • Monster Energy Drinks Can Improve Brain Function

Studies have shown that energy drinks improve brain functions like memory, concentration, reaction time and also reduces mental fatigue. This improvement in brain function is attributed to caffeine.

  • Monster Energy drinks help  people function when they’re tired

Energy drinks help people to stay awake and alert.

Drivers on long, late night trips , night shift workers, students seeking to burn the midnight oil use it to fight sleepiness and tiredness. Although the prolonged use of energy drinks can affect quality of sleep.

Excess consumption of energy drinks may cause heart problems, blood sugar issues and internal organ damage. It is also unsafe to mix Energy drinks with alcohol. When you mix energy drinks with alcohol, the caffeine can make you feel less drunk than you actually are ; this makes you consume more alcohol and this can lead to drunk driving and other incidents

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