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Energy drinks are very popular in Nigeria, especially among young adults, night-shift workers, factory workers, students, athletes and party goers. Energy drinks are a good an fast source of strength for them; they use it to fight sleep, stay alert and concentrate. sells some of the best energy drinks in Nigeria at the best prices, they include.

  • Red Bull

Buy Red Bull Price in Lagos Nigeria

A non-alcoholic energy drink formulated to improve performance and aid concentration during times of increased stress and strain. Red bull is made from the best ingredients to increase endurance, alertness, reaction speed and fast metabolism; it enhances all round body performance.

Red Bull does not only give energy, it has a refreshing, sweet, crisp and satisfying taste.

It is perfect for every situation and is best taken chilled.

  • Power Horse


Buy Power Horse Price in Lagos Nigeria

Launched 22 years ago by Austrian company S. Spitz, power horse is a premium energy drink and a leading brand around the world.

Power horse is a non-alcoholic energy drink made to provide energy for sustained periods of high physical and mental activities. It rejuvenates and mind during and after stressful activities.

Power horse is created to improve physical strength and endurance, it provides the energy needed for day to day activities.


  • Gidigbo Energy Drink

Buy Gidigbo Energy Drink Online Price in Lagos Nigeria

Gidigbo Energy drink is a carbonated and refreshing energy drink which has a classic taste and gives a radical boost of energy. Gidigbo Energy Drink enhances the body and mind by improving concentration, awareness and reaction speed.

  • Bullet Energy Drink

Buy Bullet Energy Drink Price in Lagos Nigeria

Easily recognised by it’s bright blue can, the Blue Bullet energy drink is non-alcoholic and a fast source of energy. It improves performance, physically and mentally and it is also refreshing with a crisp and satisfying taste.

  • Eviron Health Drink


Eviron  Health Drink, a Non-Alcoholic , Caffeine-Free, Healthy Soft  Drink It is a Healthy Soft Drink because it  contains some healthy ingredients which relieves the body of stress, and replenishes  lost stamina  

When you need that extra kick of energy to get you going, there’s nothing like eviron health drink to give you that boost. When you’re feeling low and need aboost,, Eviron health drinks will power you up.

Other popular energy drinks are

  • Monster

  • How Much in Monster Energy Drink in Nigeria?

  • Lucozade Boost

  • Fearless

  • Climax  

What do energy drinks do to your body?

The energy given to the body by Energy drinks come mainly from two active ingredients: sugar and caffeine.

Caffeine can increase stamina and boost athletic performance, sugar is broken down by the body into simple sugars and travel to the blood cells to give energy.

The caffeine works by preventing the effects of adenosine, the chemical in our brain that is responsible for sleep. Consumption of high quantities of caffeine blocks adenosine, causing the brain to release neurons. This makes the body think it’s in an emergency situation, the pituitary gland responds by releasing adrenaline which makes the heart to beat faster and the eyes to dilate also the liver releases more sugar into the blood stream for energy. These responses make you feel like you have gained more energy.

Are energy drinks safe?

Generally energy drinks are safe when taken responsibly. Energy drinks contain caffeine and caffeine has a powerful effect on the body system so you need to know how much caffeine your body can handle.

Health problems arising from the intake of energy drinks are usually results of excess consumption. Heavy consumption of energy drinks can lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate, kidney issues and reduced blood supply to the brain.

  • Energy Drinks Can Improve Brain Function

Studies have shown that energy drinks improve brain functions like memory, concentration, reaction time and also reduces mental fatigue. This improvement in brain function is attributed to caffeine.

  • Energy drinks help  people function when they’re tired

Energy drinks help people to stay awake and alert.

Drivers on long, late night trips , night shift workers, students seeking to burn the midnight oil use it to fight sleepiness and tiredness. Although the prolonged use of energy drinks can affect quality of sleep.

Excess consumption of energy drinks may cause heart problems, blood sugar issues and internal organ damage. It is also unsafe to mix Energy drinks with alcohol. When you mix energy drinks with alcohol, the caffeine can make you feel less drunk than you actually are ; this makes you consume more alcohol and this can lead to drunk driving and other incidents.

The bottom line is that energy drinks are safe to drink as long as it is drunk reasonably it has good benefits, But it causes problems when taken excessively, or when mixed with alcohol. Pregnant and nursing women, children and teenagers should stay away from energy

Is 1 energy drink a day OK?

Yes, it is okay to take one energy drink per day if you don’t have any pre-existing health condition, are not sensitive to caffeine or pregnant or nursing.

Generally one energy drink per day will have little or no impact on your health or daily routine but it depends on the energy drink and the ingredients.

Do energy drinks age you?

Energy drinks do not necessarily age you but the effects they have on your body can make you age faster. Energy drinks are high in sugar and acidic, this makes your teeth vulnerable to stains and strip your teeth of enamel thereby aging your smile, it is best to sip it from a straw.

 The high caffeine and sodium content in energy drinks can cause dehydration if you are taking more energy drink and less water and dehydration speeds up the aging of skin. You can prevent this by drinking enough water.

Why you should not drink too much energy drinks?

  • It can cause Stress and Anxiety

Due to the high caffeine quantity, when you take excess amounts of energy drinks, the caffeine can make you feel jittery and anxious, and contribue to chronic stress.

  • High Sugar content

Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, almost 13 teaspoons per can. Excess sugar can make you feel worse and have bad effects on your body:  dehydration , suppress your immune system, cause tooth decay, weight gain.

  • Energy Drinks Affect Your Mood

Frequent intake of caffeine has been shown to reduce the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known as the “feel good “ hormone and low levels of serotonin has been linked to anxiety and depression.

Are energy drinks worse than coffee?

Energy drinks and coffee are similar types of drink, they have common ingredients and have similar effects on the body. But are energy drinks worse than coffee? You can make your decision after going through the points below.

  • Energy drinks have more calories than coffee.

Apart from caffeine which is common to both drinks, energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar which have little or no benefit after the energy rush wears off while coffee only contains caffeine and does not add to your calorie count when you drink it.

  • The have almost the same amount of caffeine

A can of energy drink and a regular cup of coffee contain almost the same amount of caffeine. A can of energy drink has about 80- 200mg of caffeine and a cup of coffee has 120 – 150mg of caffeine

  • Coffee Is cheaper than energy drinks

A cup of coffee is very much cheaper than a can of energy drink

  • Energy drinks have more helpful ingredients than coffee

Other beneficial ingredients like Taurine, ginseng and vitamin b12 are present in energy drinks, although some may argue that they are not necessarily needed by the body they are beneficial. In coffee you only get caffeine unless you add other ingredients by yourself.

 energy drinks and coffee are similar drinks and serve almost the same purpose, it all depends on preference.

Why are energy drinks banned?

Energy drinks have been banned in some countries and states for different reasons.

Red bull was banned in France when an athlete died after drinking four cans of the drink but the ban was lifted in 2004. In Norway.

In Chechnya, Russia, a move was made to ban the sale of energy drinks because it was considered an intoxicating drug and unacceptable in a Muslim community.

Some schools in England have tried to stop the sale energy drinks to their students by local shops because it had a detrimental impact on their students ability to concentrate in class.

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