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Big and successful brands are always engaged in a constant battle against counterfeiters who want to make money of them by creating lower quality products and selling them as original products. In the alcohol market, popular brands like Jack Daniels are the biggest victims of counterfeiters.

Counterfeiters sell replicas of products to unsuspecting consumers and since people are on the lookout for fake bottles and labels, they take it further by taking used brand bottles and filling them up with cheap liquor to sell as the original alcohol product.

Filling brand name bottles with lower quality alcohol is bad for the reputation of the brand and dangerous for the health of the consumer; counterfeit alcohol cannot have quality of the original product and this might ruin sales for the company and also the low-quality alcohol might contain toxic chemicals and substances that affect consumers health.

The famous Jack Daniels owes its success to a unique filtering process of using only natural grain crops, spring water in production. Counterfeiters take advantage of the popularity of the brand to sell fake products.

Buy Jack Daniels Price in Lagos Nigeria

Everything is taken into consideration in the production of Jack Daniels; the sticker, the cork, shape and size of the bottle. To identify a fake bottle of Jack Daniels, it is important to pay attention to the shape of the bottle, an original bottle of Jack Daniels is parallel piped with pointed corners and ribs, fake bottles usually have rounded upper and lower faces. The design of the bottle is actually hard to fake but one cannot be too careful ; the original bottle has a clearly engraved company logo on the top faces and a relief inscription and information about the volume of on the bottom ; if these inscriptions are blurry, it could be a fake product.

The bottle cork should also be examined carefully, the original one has a black plastic cork with an even section, which is covered together with the bottle neck with a dark glossy film. The fake usually has a metal cork without a protective film.

If the bottle design is successfully copied, there are other ways to determine the authenticity of a bottle of Jack Daniels; look at the label and carefully compare it with the updated design on the official website of the company. If the size of the label and the fonts does not clear your doubt, take a closer look at the way the label is attached to the bottle; on the original, it will be located symmetrically on all three faces. A fake bottle might have traces of glue at the edges of the label and it could be fixed unevenly with no relief.

The inscriptions on Jack Daniels labels are only written in English and at the corner of each sticker, there is an unique El code that indicates the barrel number and packing date.

Another way to check a bottle of Jack Daniels for authenticity is by tasting and external inspection. Original Jack Daniels has a rich Amber colour with light hazy notes. An original Jack Daniels should be a tart sweet, like the sweetness of caramel and vanilla; a fake will emit a sharp alcohol smell when it is uncorked.

A way to be sure of the quality of Jack Daniels is to buy from reputable stores like, you can be confident of the quality of alcohol you buy from reputable stores instead of buying from shady suppliers.


There two precise ways to determine a fake bottle of Jack Daniel’s; the visual method, which involves checking the bottle for differences without opening it. The second is to compare the taste and smell.

The first step is to check the bottle, an original bottle has 4 faces with Jack Daniels engraved on it; it has a faceted neck that begins with a convex ring along which the drink is poured.

The bottom is engraved with numbers, the Cork should be plastic, wrapped in protective plastic with the inscription “old No. 7 brand “and without a dispenser. The front label must contain information about the name of the drink, the trademark with the compulsory badge and the batch number. The sticker at the back shows the manufacturer, barcode and importer. The original product only has inscriptions in English and no other language.

Also check for crooked labels and traces of gum under them, smooth bottoms, half shouldered “shoulders “of the bottle, rounded edges, the presence of a dispenser and the presence of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. These are all signs of a fake bottle of Jack Daniels.

If the bottle is already open, it is easy to distinguish a fake if you drink real American Whiskey regularly but for a first-time drinker, it might be hard to know. First, shake the bottle, real whiskey should form large air bubbles at the edge of the liquid and should remain for at least 5-7 seconds.

Next thing to check is the smell, inhale the aroma from a distance of 15-20 centimetres; original Jack Daniels has a slight sweet malt smell, sometimes with little notes of flowers and fruits, on bringing it closer, it should have an aroma close to red wines. Fake whiskey smells like strong alcohol.

It is important to note that, even with all these methods of checking out a fake Jack Daniels whiskey, it is still possible to fall victim to counterfeiters. The best way to prevent this is to buy your alcohol from only trusted and licensed suppliers and retailers.

Another way to identify fake bottle of Jack Daniels is the price, original Jack Daniels whiskey can’t be cheap, if the price is too good to be true then it is probably too good to be true. If the price seems too cheap, you might be better off not buying it at all. Visit to order your original bottles of Jack Daniels anywhere in Nigeria, we guarantee the authenticity of the products we sell

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