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Nigerians are known to be fun loving people with different types of parties and events happening in every nook and cranny of the country almost every day l. A main feature of these parties are drinks, fruit drinks, liquors and non alcoholic wines.

Not everyone consumes alcohol due to many reasons, it could be religious or personal reasons. For these reasons non alcoholic wines are always provided for people who don’t drink. This is a list of some of the best selling non alcoholic wines in Nigeria and their prices. It contains the best non alcoholic wines to buy, the best tasting non alcoholic wines and where to get them.

1. Eva wine

Buy Eva Wine - 75Cl Price in Lagos Nigeria

First produced in Spain in the 90s, Eva wine is a sweet tasting red grape fruit juice. it is 100 % unalcoholic with no added sugar or preservatives, sugar or sweetening agents. It is a great wine for any type of event and is best served slightly chilled. A carton of Eva wine contains 12 bottles.

2. Pure Heaven

Made from juicy green grape concentrates, Pure Heaven is a premium quality non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine. It has a rich taste and provides maximum refreshment. Best served chilled.

A carton of Pure Heaven contains 12 bottle.

3. Bosca Toselli

Buy Bosca Toselli Spumante Non-Alcohol - 75cl in Lagos Nigeria

A light, tastefully refreshing and delicately semi-sparkling wine made by Italian sparkling wine producers, Bosca, the largest sparkling wine producing company in Italy. Bosca Toselli makes for a great addition to any event. Bosca Toselli contains 12 bottles per carton

4. Macnelliā€™s

Made from carefully selected grapes, Macnelli’s is light and bubbly and is believed to have just the right amount of red grape sweetness that makes for a refreshing sip. A premium non-alcoholic wine, it is fun to have at parties and guests are sure to enjoy it. Martineliā€™s costs – per carton

5. Chamdor

Chamdor is arguably the highest selling non-alcoholic wine. It is made from the highest quality grapes, it is sweet, smooth and refreshing. It is alcohol free and perfect for any occasion.

Chamdor is sold for – per carton. A carton contains 12 bottles.

6. Don Morris

Don Morris is one of the most popular non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria. It is a sparkling red grape juice with no added sugar. It is widely enjoyed around Nigeria.

Don Morris contains 12 bottles per carton.

7. J & W

An amazing and refreshing non-alcoholic wine. It features 3 different varieties, cocktail, premium and classic, with each having wonderful and refreshing taste.

J & W Premium is sold forĀ  per carton. A carton contains 12 bottles.

J & W Cocktail is sold for per carton. A carton contains 12 bottles. J & W Classic is sold forĀ  per carton. A carton contains 12 bottles

8. Toma wine

Toma wine is Made from 100% sparkling red grape, it hasĀ  two varieties to choose from. Toma Classic and Toma Premium. The two varieties are tastefully sweet, refreshing and can make your party more fun.

Toma Classic costs N15,000 per carton, and contains 12 bottles.

Toma Premium costs per carton, and a carton contains 12 bottles.

9. Rendezvous

Rendezvous is a fruity, smooth and non-alcoholic wine. It is suitable for any type of event or gathering. It is best served slightly chilled and it comes in different flavours.

10. Festillant

With a unique and stylish appearance, Festillant oozes class and elegance. It is 100% non-alcoholic and comes in different flavours. It is the best wine to serve your highly esteemed guests and it gives your event a touch of elegance.

Festillant wine contains 12 bottles per carton and is sold at – per carton

There are other equally great non-alcoholic wines sold in Nigeria and in our stores but the above listed wines are the most popular and the most demanded. To get your non-alcoholic wines, contact us at myliquorhub. We sell original and affordable wines for every occasion and we also offer delivery services. Place your order and we will deliver your wines to your doorstep.

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