Tips and Strategies for Budgeting and Saving Costs on Wedding and Event Drinks.

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When planning a wedding or event, managing the budget is a crucial aspect. Drinks play a significant role in creating a memorable experience for guests, but they can also be a major expense. However, with strategic planning and smart choices, it’s possible to save costs without compromising on quality. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips and strategies for budgeting and saving costs when it comes to wedding and event drinks, ensuring a delightful celebration that fits your financial plan.

Determine a Realistic Beverage Budget:

Start by setting a realistic budget specifically for beverages. Consider the number of guests, their drink preferences, and the overall tone and formality of the event. Allocate a reasonable portion of your budget to ensure you have quality options while still being mindful of costs.

Opt for Limited Drink Options:

Offering a carefully curated selection of drinks can help control costs. Focus on a few signature cocktails, a variety of wine choices, and a limited range of beers and spirits. This allows you to buy in larger quantities and negotiate better prices with suppliers like My Liquor Hub.

Explore Bulk Buying and Wholesale Options:

Purchasing beverages in bulk or through wholesale suppliers can significantly reduce costs. Research local wholesalers or suppliers who offer discounted rates for larger orders like My Liquor Hub. Be sure to compare prices and quality to find the best value for your budget.

Embrace Local and Seasonal Beverages:

Support local breweries, wineries, and distilleries by including their products in your drink menu. Local and seasonal beverages often come at lower prices and provide a unique touch to your event. Consult with your venue or caterer for recommendations on locally sourced options.

Limit Open Bars or Offer Limited Open Bar Hours:

Open bars can quickly escalate costs. Consider limiting open bar hours to key moments, such as cocktail hour and dinner service, or opt for a limited open bar with a pre-selected list of drinks. For the remainder of the event, provide a cash bar or a limited selection of complimentary drinks.

Serve Signature Cocktails:

Crafting a few signature cocktails can be a cost-effective way to offer unique and memorable drink options. Choose spirits that are versatile and work well in multiple cocktail recipes. This allows you to buy in larger quantities and reduces the need for an extensive liquor inventory.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Option:

If your venue permits, consider implementing a BYOB policy for wine or champagne. Guests can bring a bottle to share, reducing your overall beverage costs. Communicate this option clearly in your invitations and provide guidelines on the preferred types of wine or champagne to maintain consistency.

Self-Serve Beverage Stations:

Set up self-serve beverage stations for non-alcoholic drinks like water, infused water, and lemonade. This reduces the need for additional staff, streamlines service, and minimizes costs associated with bartending or waitstaff.

Negotiate with Suppliers:

When working with beverage suppliers, don’t hesitate to negotiate pricing, especially when placing larger orders. Be open about your budget and explore possibilities for discounts, promotions, or customized packages that suit your needs. Planning a wedding or event doesn’t mean you have to overspend on beverages. By implementing these budgeting and cost-saving strategies, you can offer quality drinks that will delight your guests without straining your budget. Remember to allocate a realistic budget, focus on limited drink options, explore bulk buying and local choices, and consider alternatives like self-serve stations. My Liquor Hub welcomes the idea of budgeting on drinks and we are willing to help you meet your budget expectations while serving your target crowd.

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