• The whistlers Irish cream liqueur ( Blenders select)-75cl

    The Whistler Blenders Select Irish Cream is a whiskey liqueur ― the first in the world to feature a single-pot-still Irish whiskey in its blend, combined with fresh Irish cream from grass-fed cows. This results in a depth and delicious richness with the whiskey shining through beautifully.

    Made using single-pot still Irish whiskey, this plush liqueur offers rich custard and chocolate flavors. It finishes with just enough alcohol to cut through the creamy richness. It’s decadent and worth a second pour.

    This liqueur is based on proper single-pot-still Irish whiskey, the first of its kind to do so. Combined with fresh Irish cream, this results in a creamy and delicious drink with the whiskey character shining through.

    Order for yourThe whistlers Irish cream liqueur ( Blenders select)-75cl at myliquorhub.com and have it delivered to your doors step.

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