• Declan Moscato – 75cl

    Declan Moscato  is manufactured from grapes just like red wine, but it is fermented without coming into contact with the skin of the grapes, giving it a very soft and silky mouthfeel that is best savored when served chilled (the skin is removed before fermentation).

    It is a byproduct of the alcoholic fermentation of grapes with any color of skin, but no color to the pulp. The hues of white wine might be straw-yellow, yellow-green, yellow-gold, or clear.
    White wine can be made from a variety of grape varieties, including chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, and Semillon.

    Declan Moscato – 75cl

    From: 6,400.00
  • Declan Red wine-75cl

    Declan red Wine is an incredibly juicy, very fruity, and full-bodied white wine with a distinctively rich taste. It is an easy-drinking red wine, with smooth, inviting flavours of ripe berry and jam.

    It is made using traditional methods, Declan red Wine is soft, light, and smooth on the palate. Greatly enjoyed when chilled. This new wine has a perfect balance of sweetness. Declan red wine pairs well with lively foods and happy friends. Declan red wine combines its sophisticated taste perfectly with the playful fruity taste.

    Declan Red wine-75cl

    From: 8,600.00

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