• Camino Real Tequila Gold-75cl

    Tequila Camino Real Gold 51% consists of blue agave distillate, the remaining 49% – this is an alcohol made from sugar cane molasses. Due to this mix tequila has an original taste, in which the notes of blue agave diluted light tones of caramel, something reminiscent of rum shades. Camino Real Gold has all the advantages of a full tequila made from 100% agave and thus yavletsya excellent alternative to more expensive premium tequilas.

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    Camino Real Tequila Gold-75cl

    From: 11,500.00
  • Camino Tequila-75cl

    Camino Tequila Blanco is a crystal-clear coloured tequila capturing the Mexican spirit. This transparent tequila possesses the subtle aromas of fresh blue agave, extracted from the blue weber agave tree and molasses.

    Camino Tequila-75cl

    From: 11,500.00

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