Top 10 Vodka Mixers In Lagos Nigeria – All You Need To Know

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Some vodka mixers aren’t well known, but they’re worth trying as a trial would leave you speechless. Ever had the thought that you have seen or purchased  your favorite mixer just to realize that it doesn’t spice up the strong taste of vodka anymore? There is no need to worry, there are a whole lot of other drinks that you might not know about. It doesn’t matter if you need quick booze or if you’re looking to whip up a mixed drink, all of these vodka mixers will do the trick. However, it’s ideal you create your own mix based on personal preference and stick with it. Who knows, maybe you’ll even switch it up a bit. 


Soda is always the first choice that comes to mind when you are looking for drinks to use. You will always have that fizzy taste and pop to help deceive your taste buds from picking that strong vodka taste especially if you are out with friends and can’t get your preferred brand at the moment. Coca-Cola is a fan-favorite, so why not choose that?

Iced Tea

With iced tea, you are also on the right track as it’s an ideal and beautiful choice, so using it as a vodka mixer should be a no-brainer. Iced Tea is basically any tea that has been chilled and it is best served with ice. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, pick up a fruit-flavored iced tea to spice up your mixed drink even more.

Izze Sparkling Juice 

Izze gives you all the fizziness of soda while having the flavors of a fruit juice. If you’re hooked on fruit juice, then you would possibly want to switch it up a bit and give this a try. 

Fruit Juice  

Whatever kind of juice you prefer Orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice e.t.c, the options are infinite. However, It really boils down to what kind of flavor you’re looking for with your vodka mixer. Just grab a bottle of your favorite juice, mix and you’re good to go.


When I think of vodka mixers, lemonade first comes to mind. And that’s because It always seems to do the trick no matter what vodka I’m drinking. If you’re a fan of Grey Goose Vodka, then this is the right mixer you need to pair it with.

Cranberry Juice 

You might be thinking of how delicious a vodka cranberry can be at a bar or when you are at a party and they serve this tasty mix, so why wouldn’t you want to make one at home? This vodka mixer is precisely what you need to add some flavor to your plain-tasting alcohol.

ICE Sparkling Water 

Sparkling ICE is ideal if you want that fizzy taste but aren’t really into drinking soda. This comes in a bunch of fruity flavors, so you can select whichever one you like best. 

Tonic Water

Tonic water, best known as vodka tonic when mixed with vodka is one of the most underrated vodka mixers. This vodka mixer doesn’t offer plenty of additional flavors, but it is the perfect mixer if you simply want to dilute the vodka without being too extra.

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It’s best for those looking to stay off anything too sweet, but still want to spice up their vodka experience. For best results do add a slice of lemon or lime into the mix. 

Fresh Fruit Vodka Mixers 

If you are looking to stay off artificial coloring and flavors, then a fresh fruit mix might be your best bet. It offers some of the best health benefits while giving you a tastier finish. you could simply squeeze your favorite fruit into your choice of vodka, sock your vodka in fruits for some hours, or blend and filter. The choice is yours.   

7 Up

7 Up is another soda drink that may add some lemon-lime flavor to your vodka. This vodka mixer is perfect for you if you love soda but don’t want to use Coca-Cola.

Final Verdict

These mixers all have their various effects and taste they bring to the table when combined with vodka, however, it’s always vital to “Drink Responsibly”.

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