• Jameson Black Barrel – 75cl (FREE whisky flask)

    Jameson Black Barrel is a whiskey comprised of (a high proportion of) single pot still and grain whiskey aged first in a mix of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon. The whiskey is then aged in extra charred ex-bourbon barrels, hence the name. The age of the whiskey ranges from 8-16 years of age.

    Jameson black barrel  is a one of a kind whiskey, triple distilled with an unrivalled smooth and sweet taste.

    Black barrel whiskey is a combination of American oak, sherry and double charred Bourbon casks giving it intense notes of vanilla and caramel.

    It has a bright amber hue, with flavours of green apple, butterscotch with a salt and caramel finish and an aroma of butterscotch and maple notes.

    Jameson black is a blend of small batch grain and traditional Irish pot still whiskey which is then left to mature in barrels.

    The secret of the Jameson black is in the charring of the barrels, a maintaince task on the barrels after winter which proved to have a nice effect on the whiskey.

    Black barrel whiskey can be enjoyed straight on the rocks or mixed with cocktails.

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