Difference Between Rum and Whiskey – All You Need To Know

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Just like Rum and Whiskey, most people who consume alcoholic beverages have a hard time distinguishing between their preferred drinks. Most often, consumers cannot clearly differentiate each from the other despite having their favorite between them. If you belong to the class of people who are stuck or indifferent when it comes to distinguishing between rum and whiskey, it’s time to dive deep in what each of your favorite drinks is and their distinctive characteristics.

What is Rum?

Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink produced using sugarcane leftovers, which includes sugarcane juice and molasses. The procedures through which rum is produced include distillation and fermentation. Rum is well known across the globe and brings to mind the image and cultural heritage of the Caribbeans. The Caribbean Islands and Latin Americans are among the biggest makers of rum in the world.

As for the procedures, yeast is mixed with molasses, and fermentation is done in a structured manner and place to bring out the desired taste and flavor. Both the fermentation and distillation processes are carried out to brew an alcoholic beverage that is well aged and integrated to suit different tastes of different consumers.

Differences and Classes of Rum

Rum is characterized into subsequent grades and variations:

Light rum: – clear or light in color grade and typically said as white rum. it’s a lighter flavor and is usually used for mixing with other drinks.

Dark rum: – Dark in color but could contain other types of black, brown, or red colors. This type is preserved for longer periods and in charred wooden barrels to give it a stronger and sweeter taste.

Spiced rum: – This type of rum is also dark but it has added flavorings like cinnamon, pepper, and aniseed hence its name. 

Gold rum: – Gold rum is basically rum preserved in oak barrels. It is usually amber in color.

Premium rum: – Made from the highest-quality raw materials and punctiliously aged. it’s believed to contain more flavor and aroma as compared to other grades and is sometimes sold at the next price.

What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is also a type of a distilled alcoholic beverage but this is made from fermented grain mash as compared to rum. Various whiskey brands are made up of different grains, including corn, wheat, rye, and barley. The grains may additionally be malted looking at the necessity. Whiskey is sometimes aged in charred oak barrels. it’s also a strictly regulated spirit across the world and has many classes and kinds to travel by. The common unifying factors of the assorted forms of whiskey are distillation, fermentation of the grains used and aging it in wooden oak barrels.

Different Types of Whiskey 

Whiskey grades are categorized into either malt or grain. The malt grade’s traditional component is malted barley while the grain whiskey would always be made up of any grain type. Other classifications of whiskey include:

Single malt:whiskey grade made up of one-grain type and versed one distillery. 

Blended malt:whiskey grade made up of a mix of various whiskey grades from other multiple distilleries. 

Cask strength: – This is basically undiluted bottled whiskey directly from the cask.

Single cask: –a bottle of whiskey that has been well preserved in a single cask. 

Blended whiskey: – a mix of grain and malt whiskeys with added colors, spirits, and flavoring.

Difference Between Rum and Whiskey

Like in any comparative article the major differences between the 2 beverages include:


Whiskey is produced from a spread of fermented grains like rye, barley, and wheat while rum is produced from byproducts of sugarcane like sugarcane juice, molasses, and honey.

Alcohol Content:

The alcohol content of rum varies from country to country, and also the minimum levels can vary from a minimum of 40% to beyond 60%. Whiskey, on the opposite hand, usually has alcohol content at 40%.


Both beverages have a spread of flavors and colours. These characteristics depend upon the color, age and extra ingredients added to them. While rum is rich and delicious, whiskey is tangy (peppery as most people would know). Rum is additionally sweeter than whiskey while whiskey includes a taste harking back to the barrels it’s aged in.

Health Benefits and Implications:

With each time whiskey stays preserved in your bar or cellar, it develops ellagic acid, which experts believe to control the body’s glucose levels. Rum, on the opposite hand, has been found (in small amounts though) to extend the density of minerals in bones. Rum is additionally believed to ease the symptoms of such lifestyle diseases like arthritis.

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